• Each month you will need to upload to your hellotax software account any expenses your business may have incurred in the previous period. 

  • This upload needs to be completed by the 4th of the month following month or period end. 

  • Expenses can be import vat (not import duty, this is not reclaimable) or other business expenses where your business is not the end consumer. 

How to populate and upload your expenses csv file 

1, Download the expenses csv file

2, Enter your expenses one by one.  It is best to overwrite the 1st example line with your own data this ensures any formulas are kept in place.
Please ensure that the format of your data follows EXACTLY the example data format!

3, Once your data is fully entered go to your hellotax software account 

4, Click Settings, Integrations, Manual upload 

5, Click Upload my File and choose your completed expense file from your computer 

6, Once uploaded you should receive a green confirmation that the upload was successful. 

*If you receive a red error message you can scroll down to view the errors that need fixing before you try to upload again.

*If you have continued issues uploading your data please contact your account manager to assist you further.