Facts you should know

  • After getting your company VAT registered, some countries are going to send their tax letters to our postal address. Those letters will be made available for you in your Hellotax software account. 

  • You will be informed about new Tax letters via a notification to your email address.

  • Some countries` tax offices  will send a post directly to your address. In this case, we kindly ask you to forward those letters to us.

Guide to your Tax letter Inbox

1. Visit your Integration page at https://app.hellotax.com/ 

2. On the left side of the screen, under Menu, click on Tax letters.

3. An overview of all your tax letters will appear. In this overview, you can see the Country, Status, Date received, Letter ID and a Header for each tax letter. You can filter the letters by those.

4. New tax letters will have the status “New”.

5. Click on the tax letter, you want to read. A small window will pop-up on the right side. 

- Here you can read a short description for the reason of the letter. 

- Action, which needs to be taken. 

- And General details, like the country of the letter, when this was received and the main reason for the letter.

6. By clicking on the blue marked letter name under "Original letter" , you can download the full version of the letter.

What should I do if I have received a tax letter?

  • First, check the letter, as described in the steps above. If you need additional information regarding this letter, please contact your Account Manager under support@hellotax.com

  • If further information has to be requested from the Tax Authorities or additional work has to be done after the request from the Tax Authorities, our accountants can help against additional payment for the extra service.