• Do I need more than one registration after OSS?
    • You will need to apply for vat numbers in your home country in the EU or your nominated country in the EU if you are a NON EU home client. You will need to apply for vat numbers in all EU countries where you store goods. 
  • Will I need to report all my sales to OSS report?
    • No, only cross border B2C ( Business to consumer) sales 

  • Is there anything else I need to report except OSS return?
    • Yes, you need to report domestic sales in the standard country VAT return. And if you store in other countries you need to report those countries domestic sales as well in their local vat reports

  • How to register to OSS?
    • The registration to OSS is simple, but in some countries it has not been launched yet. You still have the time to register until the end of June 2021. If you wish to move to OSS reporting from July 2021,  hellotax  can register you for OSS in the following countries  Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden & Ireland

  • Do I need a special report for OSS?
    • Yes, the report needs to match with the OSS structure. It needs to cover all your B2C cross-border sales from all the dispatching countries.

  • Who can file my OSS report?
    • The OSS report can be filed by anyone that you have registered authorisation for (in some countries you might be limited to authorising only licenced accountants or tax advisors)
      hellotax can do this for you in the following countries:
      Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland

  • Can I deregister my VAT ID in the countries where I do not store?
    • Yes, after 1st July 2021 all sales to these countries  can be reported in the OSS report. IF you register to OSS then you will be able to deregister your VAT ID in these countries. 

  • Is OSS a mandatory report?
    • No, you can stay with standard reporting but this will mean that you might have to register in all EU states in which you sell your products to.
    • There is no longer individual distance sales thresholds from the 1st of July 2021 there is a single DST of 10, 000 euro for Europe. 
  • What is better - the regular reporting or reporting via OSS?
    • To minimize your administrative costs it is advised to use the OSS reporting option.

  • Can non-EU businesses use OSS reporting as well?
    • Yes, non-EU can choose the country in which it will get registered for OSS, the only condition is that the NON-EU company needs to have a standard VAT registration in that country.

  • Can I include my expenses/imports in OSS report?
    • No, OSS reporting is only for cross border B2C sales.

  • So I also report B2B transactions in the OSS report?
    • No, in the OSS report we include only B2C sales

    • B2B transactions would be reported via the standard way. 

  • Do I need still to file EC reports & PL SAF-T reports?
    • Yes, you need to report B2B cross-border transactions (Intracommunity transactions) in the EC list. OSS is just for B2C.