This article gives you advice as to how to cancel your service with hellotax.  


*We appreciate your business very much and ask you kindly to consider.   

If you are thinking of leaving us due to anything we could improve on.  Please first let us know and give us the opportunity to correct and learn. 

7 Day money back guarantee

If you wish to cancel your new service with us for any reason within the first 7 days of purchase.  You can do so without any penalty.  After this period our standard terms below apply. 

Monthly subscriptions 

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with a minimum 1 full calendar month notice.  

So, for example if on the 18th of May you wish to cancel your monthly subscription your full calendar month notice period would be “June”. You would pay subscription 1st of June and be cancelled from the 30th of June onwards.

Please contact your Account Manager to request cancellation of service. 

Yearly Subscriptions

Yearly subscriptions can only be cancelled at the point of renewal.  

To ensure your yearly subscription is not renewed please send a non-renewal request to your Account Manager one full calendar month prior to the renewal date. 

Your Account Manager will act on this request for you and confirm once done. 


In special circumstances yearly subscriptions can be changed to monthly subscriptions to enable cancellation under the terms for monthly subscriptions.

In this situation the price difference between the yearly fees paid and the higher monthly fees due would be charged pro rata on all back months of the yearly subscription until the cancellation date.